Player : Josh Meyer

Team : Mrs. Lockwood's Class

I just got back from Outdoor Lab, Windy Peak and we had an awesome time. Now the 6th graders are raising money for our school's Outdoor Lab fund in the craziest way possible!  We are dropping golf balls out of a helicopter in a raffle to win great prizes and fill the fund for Van Arsdale's Outdoor Lab. This fund pays for the guest speakers we had every night as well as scholarships for kids who couldn't afford the fee's. 

You buy as many golf balls as you can ($10 each with discounts for the more you buy); every golf ball will have a raffle number on it that is specific to you. We will drop these numbered golf balls from a helicopter onto a target and if your number lands closest to the target, you win a great prize! How easy is that?? 

The best part?!  The money you contribute show's your support of my class trip to Outdoor Lab, which was such a unique and wonderful experience.

  Thank you for what you are about to do!

GOAL: $500.00

ACHIEVED: $255.00