Player : Sophie Elliott

Team : Sting Austin 03 COMP

Sophie is a Sting soccer player and has thrived since joining the club. Her skills have improved immensely and she is looking forward to learning even more!  What she has learned from being a member of Sting will not only help her on the field but off the field as well. 70% of the profits from this fundraiser will got directly to Sophie's account while the remaining 20% will go to help develop the teams and the facilities that Sting currently is working with. Please consider donating what you can to help Sophie and her team be successful for the upcoming season! 

The golf ball drop will occur on August 5th at the Sting Austin Soccer Park. There will be flags spread out on the soccer fields representing various prizes and the ball closest to the flag will win the prize! 

GOAL: $1000.00

ACHIEVED: $783.00