Player : Teddy Dondanville

Team : U12 Galaxy 04 Boys

I am raising money for my soccer club in the craziest way possible.  I am selling golf balls and every ball that gets sold (club wide) gets hoisted up into a helicopter.  The helicopter will proceed to drop the golf balls onto a target!

Your golf balls will be given numbers and then will be enscribed on the ball.  If, when dropped from great heights, your ball lands closest to the target we set out, you win one of many tremendous prizes being given away!

Thank you for making our event successful and for helping make my soccer dreams come true!  $0.60 of every dollar goes directly to me with the majority of the rest going towards club development for the future benefit of FC Boulder!

I plan to use the funds to pay for higher soccer education from different coaching license courses. Most courses cost a pretty penny but with the knowledge from them I can become a better coach and improve the abilities of my players! 

Thank you so much for giving this page a read! 


Teddy Dondanville 


GOAL: $250.00

ACHIEVED: $870.00