Caterina's Club Helicopter Ball Drop 2017



We will drop up to 1,000 balls from the helicopter over a designated area of the driving range, which will have a hole and a pin (flag) and will be prepared similarly to a golf green.  At the same time, we will drop up to 10 colored bean bags or golf balls. (for every 1,000 chances sold, that group will be represented by a different color) The tournament director and the tournament co-chairs will walk out to the hole and determine, which colored ball/bean bag is closest to the hole/pin.   Then we will determine, which ball is in the bottom of the hole.  

Example: If we determine that the blue ball/bean bag is the closest to the pin, and blue represents balls 2001 – 3000 and the ball in the bottom of the hole is ball 237, the winning chance would be number 2,237 and they would win 25% of the money received for the Golf Ball Drop, up to $2,500.  Then we will open a sealed envelope either at the course or over the phone at the insurance agency.  If the number in the sealed envelope matches the number on the winning ball, then the winner will receive $25,000.  The entire process will be recorded for transparency.


GOAL: $20000.00

ACHIEVED: $12,574.03