Player : CCV Stars 04 Girls

Team : CCV 2004 Girls

CCV STARS 04 Girls

This amazing group of players went undefeated in both the Far West Regional League and the National Premiere League this past season. This earned them the right to represent Arizona in the Regional Championships and the National Premiere League Championships.

These athletes give their best both on and off the field and embody the character and integrity displayed by their coaching staff!

As a team we are striving to be the best in Arizona and also to compete nationally. As you know, this comes at an expense and therefore our team is having this Fundraiser coming up on August 26th, 2017. The Golf Tournament and Ball Drop Fundraiser will be our major Fundraiser for the year.

The ball drop consists of all sold golf balls that are to be placed into a bucket. From there the bucket will be raised and the golf balls will be dumped on a golf green. The 3 closest balls to the hole win. 

Golf Ball Drop Prizes

1st Place $1,000

2nd Place $250

3rd Place $100

We thank you for your consideration in sponsoring these girls and helping them continue their journey towards a National Championship!

Thanks to our Sponsors

GOAL: $5000.00