Player : Kaitlyn Watkins

Team : CCV 2004 Girls

Hi everyone!

I play for the CCV Stars 04 girls soccer team. As a team we are striving to be the best in Arizona and also to compete nationally. In order to represent Arizona on the National level we have to cover all the associated expenses. Those expenses consist of practice, training equipment, travel and team expenses.

The ball drop consists of all sold golf balls that are to be placed into a bucket. From there the bucket will be raised and the golf balls will be dumped on a golf green. The 3 closest balls to the hole win. 

1st Place $1000

2nd Place $250

3rd Place $100

Your purchase of golf balls will help put us on the path to success!




Kaitlyn Watkins 

Thanks to our Sponsors

GOAL: $1200.00

ACHIEVED: $620.00